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Issue Briefs

The Cost of Over-Regulation
Trans-Pacific Partnership Is Good for Trade and Economic Growth
Graduate Corporate Income Tax
Elimination of Oklahoma Franchise Tax

Accountability for a Competitive Economy (ACE) Books

2016 ACE Book
2015 ACE Book
2014 ACE Book

2017 Legislative Initiatives

  • Protect valuable economic development incentives to keep Oklahoma competitive
  • Support pension reform to lower Oklahoma’s unfunded pension liability
  • Support efforts to ensure a level playing field between community retailers and remote/internet sellers in the collection of sales taxes
  • As part of an all-inclusive energy approach, support a stable and reliable tax structure for all energy development that protects existing investment and promotes new capital investment in Oklahoma
  • Support reforms to improve the efficiency, equality, and effectiveness of both the Small Employer Quality Jobs Act and the Quality Jobs Act
  • Support tax policy that encourages small business growth 
  • Support expansion and funding of state economic development efforts including adequate funding of OCAST and its programs and the Quick Action Closing Fund to benefit business and industry throughout the entire state
  • Support and protect efforts to meet housing demand to keep pace with economic development and workforce needs
  • Support the expansion of public/private partnerships using best practices
  • Support legislation to prohibit government entities at any level from hiring outside auditors for increased revenue collection on a contingency or performance fee basis
  • Reduce business uncertainty by supporting a state budgeting process that produces multiyear strategic spending plans, utilizing best practices for forecasting revenues, spending commitments, and pension obligations
  • Support efforts to comprehensively modernize Oklahoma’s adult beverage laws to encourage economic development and job growth, better meet consumer needs, and create a competitive marketplace for Oklahoma’s businesses
  • Support the continuation of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) in the federal tax code
  • Support legislation to address the problem of the number of uninsured motorists, which adversely affect insurance costs of law-abiding citizens and the costs of trauma care centers that must provide medical treatment to uninsured motorists who are injured in accidents
  • Oppose redirection of funds derived from industry licensing and service fees for general revenue
  • Oppose the imposition of the state’s sales tax on services and labor

Economic Development/Taxation Committee
Staff: Jonathan Buxton           Chair: Larry Parman
Purpose: Monitor and analyze tax and economic development issues and legislation as to their impact on Oklahoma businesses and recommend policy to the State Chamber Board of Directors.