Lawsuit Reform

Issue Briefs

Key Lawsuit Reforms & Their Impact
The Impact of Judicial Philosophy on Business and Industry

2017 Legislative Initiatives

  • Support Rational Use of a Product Act
  • Support Transparency in Private Attorney Contracts (TiPAC—Attorney General contracts on a contingency fee basis with outside counsel)
  • Support Consumer Protection Act
  • Protect property owners from attorney fee liability when the state demands a jury trial in eminent domain appeals
  • Support consistent Statute of Repose not to exceed ten years
  • Support appellate judicial retirement age and/or term limits
  • Update the Oklahoma Rules of Procedure relating to discovery to mirror or improve upon the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Lawsuit Reform Committee 

Staff: Mike Seney       Chair: Jeffery Starling
Purpose: To reduce Oklahoma businesses' vulnerability to frivolous lawsuits and remove legal threats and obstacles to legitimate business operations through legal justice and lawsuit reform.