Fred Morgan, President and CEO photo

Jonathan Buxton, VP of Policy Development and Government AffairsFor more than 19 years, workers compensation in Oklahoma was broken. It was failing injured workers, costing employers too much and enriching attorneys. Prior legislatures and governors attempted to repair this broken system, but nothing seemed to work. Until last year, when Gov. Mary Fallin and the Oklahoma...

Fred Morgan, President and CEOBipartisan support of Quality Jobs shows lawmakers recognize its importance

Oklahoma City (July 23, 2014) – State Chamber of Oklahoma President & CEO Fred Morgan released the following statement about the Quality Jobs program:

“Since its creation over 20 years ago...

Fred Morgan, President and CEO

On Sept. 28-30, the State Chamber of Oklahoma will, for the first time in its 88-year history, host the annual meeting of the Council of State Chambers in Oklahoma City.

Joining this dynamic national association of state chamber presidents and CEOs will be their policy, marketing and communications vice presidents...

Members include small businesses and Fortune 500 companies

Oklahoma City (July 1, 2014) – At its Annual Meeting last month, the State Chamber of Oklahoma Board of Directors  nominated more than a dozen new members to its ranks. The Board sets policies and issue positions through its committees and also chooses its leadership.

“The State Chamber can only be as successful as its members are active,” said State Chamber President and CEO Fred Morgan. “We are very happy that these members have taken the extra step to being involved in setting the State...


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