Opinion Editorials

The headlines from this legislative session are hard to miss. Oklahoma is facing another budget shortfall – $878 million to be exact.

While ideas are being floated on how to remedy this problem, we are faced with a stark reality: Our state can’t continue to operate without money. While the energy industry is on the rebound, we shouldn’t discourage investment in this vital industry by increasing...

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Edie Wiener, author of the book Future Think, speak about the future and the opportunities for business as our society evolves. She challenges the perception that our economy is merely experiencing another cyclical recession. To the contrary, she opines that society is going through a fundamental global economic transformation. This transformation is...

With a potential $800 million budget deficit, the Legislature faces a daunting task as we begin another legislative session. Perhaps it is the perfect time to consider new alternatives.

In 2015, the State Chamber of Oklahoma supported legislation to systematically analyze state business incentives to ensure the state is receiving an appropriate return on its investment.

In the midst of preparing for the Thanksgiving celebration, many people may have missed the passing of one of the unsung heroes of Oklahoma politics.

Vince Robison died peacefully on Nov. 15 at age 86. Those in elected public office today have little to no knowledge of his courageous role in paving the way for pro-business legislators in Oklahoma.

In recent years, we have done much to make Oklahoma a business-friendly state.

We passed significant workers’ compensation and lawsuit reform, and we made changes to our education system to emphasize accountability, transparency and results. We put in place economic policies that encourage growth and help attract businesses and jobs to our state. But now that these major improvements have been...