Opinion Editorials

With a potential $800 million budget deficit, the Legislature faces a daunting task as we begin another legislative session. Perhaps it is the perfect time to consider new alternatives.

In 2015, the State Chamber of Oklahoma supported legislation to systematically analyze state business incentives to ensure the state is receiving an appropriate return on its investment.

In the midst of preparing for the Thanksgiving celebration, many people may have missed the passing of one of the unsung heroes of Oklahoma politics.

Vince Robison died peacefully on Nov. 15 at age 86. Those in elected public office today have little to no knowledge of his courageous role in paving the way for pro-business legislators in Oklahoma.

In recent years, we have done much to make Oklahoma a business-friendly state.

We passed significant workers’ compensation and lawsuit reform, and we made changes to our education system to emphasize accountability, transparency and results. We put in place economic policies that encourage growth and help attract businesses and jobs to our state. But now that these major improvements have been...

Are you going to vote on Nov. 8? Good. Do you consider yourself an educated voter? Even better. You know who you’re going to vote for president, senator, congressman and probably even who you’re going to vote for in your state representative and Senate race. Excellent. You may have even made up your mind on the seven state questions that will be on the ballot. One last question...

In this time when government is seen as dysfunctional and “compromise” is often used as a pejorative term, it was encouraging to see the historic negotiation of a water rights settlement between the state of Oklahoma, the Choctaw and Chickasaw nations and the city of Oklahoma City.