Oklahoma City (February 20, 2017) – State Chamber President and CEO, Fred Morgan, released the following statement:

“The State Chamber would like to congratulate Governor Fallin in selecting Mike Hunter to serve as Attorney General of Oklahoma. Mike is an extremely intelligent and qualified individual who will serve our state well. He is an experienced public servant with a broad knowledge of the law and public policy. We are confident Mike will continue to defend our state from unnecessary federal overreach and represent Oklahoma effectively in all legal matters.”

Oklahoma City (February 17, 2017) –  The following statement was released by State Chamber of Oklahoma President and CEO, Fred Morgan:

“The State Chamber congratulates EPA Director Scott Pruitt on receiving senate confirmation. He is a true public servant who is dedicated to restoring proper balance between federal regulations and the free enterprise system. Scott Pruitt has served Oklahoma as a stalwart defender of state’s rights to regulate the health, welfare and economic interests of their citizens. We look forward to working with him in freeing American businesses from unnecessary and costly regulations that unduly burden the creation of jobs and economic prosperity.”

Dr. Jennifer Lepard photo
Oklahoma City (February 13, 2017)
 –  State Chamber Vice President of Government Affairs, Jennifer Lepard, made the following statement on the passage of House Bill 1841 out of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee: 

“We applaud the passage of House Bill 1841 out of the House Appropriations and Budget Committee. House Bill 1841 increases cigarette taxes in the state of Oklahoma, which are well below the national average. Oklahoma currently has the sixth highest smoking rate in the nation. This increases health care costs for businesses across the state, which are estimated to total $1.75 billion each year. This proposal will improve the overall health of our workforce as well as all Oklahoma citizens, while providing a critical revenue source for health care. We thank Representative Leslie Osborn for her leadership in authoring this important legislation.”

Oklahoma City (February 9, 2017) –  President and CEO of the State Chamber of Oklahoma, Fred Morgan, released the following statement in response to the appointment of Patrick Wyrick by Governor Fallin to the Oklahoma Supreme Court:

“Patrick Wyrick is a talented lawyer with a record of distinguished service and will be an outstanding addition to our Supreme Court. He understands the constitutional role of the judiciary and the State Chamber looks forward to his service on the court as we look to make Oklahoma a better place to work, live and raise a family.”


Oklahoma City (February 2, 2017) – The State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation released a health care study today entitled The Economic, Fiscal and Employment Effects of Health Care Modernization in Oklahoma.

The report, which was authored by Regional Economic Models, Inc. and the George Washington University, depicts three illustrative scenarios for a plan to increase affordable private health insurance options for Oklahomans and examines the potential economic, employment and budgetary effects of each initiative. 


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