Bill will give 75 other counties same options as Oklahoma and Tulsa counties

Oklahoma City (April 24, 2015) – With Governor Mary Fallin signing Senate bill 782 into law today, a new era of school choice has begun for Oklahoma. The bill by Sen. Clark Jolley and Rep. Lee Denney lifts the restriction that keeps charter schools confined to Oklahoma and Tulsa counties and also brings more accountability to all charter schools in the state.

“There is no doubt that expanding school choice and bringing more accountability to the state's charter schools are...

Municipal concerns and industry needs are both addressed with bill protecting drilling practices

Jennifer Monies, Executive Director, OEWI - April 1, 2015

Our state’s education system is in desperate need of change. Our kids deserve the best chance of having a successful life with a good-paying job to help them support a family here in Oklahoma. Those jobs are out there, but they sit empty because too often we are graduating students without the...

Oklahoma City (March 31, 2015) – Oklahoma’s schools aren’t producing enough graduates with skills the business community needs according to a new report commissioned by the Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative (OEWI). The report, titled “Oklahoma’s Business Case for Education Reform,” finds that Oklahoma schools are producing only half of the workers needed to fill high-skilled jobs in the state. If this trend continues, by 2020 there will be more than 500,000 jobs requiring post-secondary education that can’t be filled by Oklahomans.

Fred Morgan, President and CEO photoIt’s a tale of two reports, but there is no best of times.

“The educational foundations of our society are presently being eroded by a rising tide of mediocrity that threatens our very future as a nation and a people,” according to one report.


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