Will help companies fill open positions easier, improve efficiency

Oklahoma City (March 3, 2015) – A bill creating a pilot program for private businesses to hire their own instructors and examiners for commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) passed the state Senate today on a 38-3 vote. The measure would reduce the burden on the state’s CDL examiners while allowing companies to more quickly train and fill open positions.

Fred Morgan President and CEO photo

A disturbing trend has developed in local and state government over the last decade. It should alarm everyone who professes to believe in limited government. In an insatiable thirst for more revenue, public officials have turned to bounty hunters to find revenue or assets to tax or seize. More shocking is when these third...

Nicole Boyles PhotoBrings wealth of experience to Director of Strategic Partners position

Oklahoma City (February 25, 2015) – The State Chamber of Oklahoma is proud to welcome Nicole Boyles as Director of Strategic Partners in the Political Affairs & Advocacy Department, effective immediately. Her role involves working closely with local chambers...

Ad Valorem Study Cover PhotoStudy finds reimbursement program more than pays for itself

Oklahoma City (February 9, 2015) –  A study commissioned by the State Chamber Research Foundation finds that the Oklahoma Manufacturers Ad Valorem Tax...

Legislation from 2014 session will lead to $500-million in capital investment, 1,300 jobs

Oklahoma City (February 4, 2015) –  The U.S. Air Force officially took possession of the former BNSF rail yard next to Tinker Air Force Base today as part of its plan to expand the base with a new repair facility. The purchase was facilitated by the passage last year of House Bill 1416 which allows Quality Jobs payments to go to a local entity, rather than the federal government, to help offset the cost of expansion.
“This is yet another example of how...


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