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Oklahoma Prosperity Project

It Is Now Time To Get Out The Vote!
Here is your Get Informed Toolkit!


Dear Prosperity Project Partner:

Election Day November 6th is just 14 days away! It is critical that you encourage your employees to get informed on the candidates and issues now. In this toolkit, we have provided the tools to help your employees go to the polls armed with information about how the election results will affect our state's economic future and long-term prosperity. Please do not delay in getting this information to all Oklahomans before they head to the polls Nov. 6.

We have a couple of new tools to share with you in this toolkit. We have posted pros and cons for all six state questions you will see on the ballot. This is the most extensive information available on the state questions in the state.

There are two questions on the ballot that have a direct impact on Oklahoma's business climate:

State Question 766 would overturn a 2009 Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling that said Oklahoma families and businesses should pay new taxes on intangible property, despite the fact that these taxes have never been assessed in state history. This measure overturns the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruling by amending the Oklahoma Constitution to exempt all intangible personal property from ad valorem tax. There is no organized opposition to this question. For more information on how important this question is to our state's economy, click here.

State Question 764 is a constitutional amendment that would create a reserve fund to leverage available funding for water resource and sewage treatment financial assistance programs for municipalities, political subdivisons and other public entities in Oklahoma. Having adequate water supplies, and the infrastructure to utilize that water, is vital to our state's economy. There is no organized opposition to this question. For more information on how important this question is to our state's economy, click here.

We are also providing information on the judicial candidates you will see on the ballot through a partnership with the Oklahoma Civil Justice Council. To see the judicial evaluations for the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Civil Court of Appeals, click here.

Finally, we also have a sample ballot available for your employees to utilize, to help them know what they can expect to see on the ballot on November 6.


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Can't get to the polls on Nov 6? Submit an application to vote Absentee. Deadline Oct 31. @okprosperity www.okprosperity.com

Your Voice Counts! Remember to go vote and vote smart on Nov 6. @okprosperity www.okprosperity.com

Vote Smart! See the candidates running in your district and then VOTE on Nov 6. @okprosperity www.okprosperity.com

6 State Questions on the ballot - see details in easy-to-understand language and pros and cons. @okprosperity www.okprosperity.com

One stop shop for all your voting needs-www.okprosperity.com-sample ballot, state question info, candidates in your district and more! @okprosperity

What's Next?

The next toolkit will be emailed on November 1 and will include posters to remind folks to Vote on November 6.

Election Day is November 6, 2012.

After the elections, we will send one final email for this election season, requesting your input on how we did this year. We look forward to hearing from you!



Please click the text below a picture to access posters and payroll stuffers. (all are .pdf format and can be printed in color or black and white)

Voter Registration Poster

8.5 x 11 | 11 x 17 | Stuffer

Voter Registration Poster

8.5 x 11 | 11 x 17

Water A Precious Resource - Vote YES on State Question 764

SQ 764 Handouts


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