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2017 Legislative Initiatives

State Agenda

  • Preserve Oklahoma's state highway funding and protect the Eight-Year Construction Work Plan by restoring funding base to 2014 levels as a primary input into the safety and wellbeing of our citizens and the growth and sustainability of the state's economy
  • Support all modes of transportation including transit and passenger rail service to meet the needs of the traveling public and the demand of our growing economy
  • Support efforts to expedite the construction and operation of appropriate ports of entry and weigh stations to ensure the public's safety and protect our state's investment in infrastructure
  • Support efforts to minimize the impact of regulatory requirements that increase transportation project costs, stifle productivity, and delay delivery of critical infrastructure improvements
  • Support implementation of the state's Bridge Improvement Plan to repair or replace all of Oklahoma's structurally deficient bridges on the state's highway system by 2020
  • Support initiatives that direct all transportation user fees to be used for transportation purposes, like fully funding the gas tax estimate certified by the Board of Equalization and supporting the implementation of the Driving Forward Program
  • Preserve Oklahoma’s airport funding and protect the Three-Year Airport Capital Improvement Program
  • Oppose consolidation of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission with any other state agency
  • Fast track legislation to bring Oklahoma into compliance with the Federal Real ID Act
  • Preserve and protect current eminent domain laws as described in the Landowner’s Bill of Rights

Federal Agenda

  • Support the implementation and full funding of Federal Surface Transportation Programs (FAST Act), including measures to permanently and adequately fund the Highway Trust Fund, Mass Transit Account and a continued effort to enhance the legislation to streamline and improve project and program delivery
  • Support the elimination of the backlog of infrastructure maintenance on the McClellan-Kerr system and the completion of the channel to a depth of twelve feet
  • Support the reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program and protect the FAA Federal Contract Tower Program
  • Support the continued modernization, safety and efficiency of our nation’s Air Traffic Control system and oppose privatization of the Air Traffic Control system
  • Support efforts to protect and increase federal tribal transportation funding

Transportation Committee

Staff: Mike Jackson     Chair: Rich Horrocks
Purpose: Monitor and analyze all legislation and proposed regulations that impact Oklahoma's transportation system and make certain that the state's transportation system infrastructure is capable of moving people and products efficiently.