Workforce Development

Workforce Development Member Profile featuring Brad Boles, President for Wilco Machine & Fab, Inc.

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Workforce Development

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2017 Legislative Initiatives

Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative

  • Ensure the Reading Sufficiency Act is not repealed as a part of the current anti-testing sentiment
  • Utilize OEWI's report on the best practices in A-F accountability metrics to change Oklahoma's system to align to the best in the country, ensure that college and career readiness indicators are included in the metric to incentivize schools to offer college credit and career certification options to students
  • Provide input and guidance into the legislation outlining assessment, accountability, and graduation requirement changes (up or down vote, 30 calendar days from Feb. 6)
  • Support the passage of policies that promote school choice, in order to give students free market choice when selecting the school that best meets their individual needs
  • Create earnings report to be distributed to students outlining the state's most in-demand jobs, the education required for each job, and its earning potential
  • Support the creation of a high-quality career diploma that requires either an industry certification or associate's degree in hand to graduate
  • Support regionally-competitive teacher pay, a restructuring of the salary schedule to incentivize Oklahoma’s teachers to remain in the profession, performance pay that rewards our best teachers, and a differentiated pay plan that helps fill high-need areas like D/F schools, STEM positions, etc.

Higher Education & Career Tech

  • Increase awareness of the need for more STEM related educators in post-secondary education to meet workforce needs
  • Prioritize education funding for programs and reforms designed to address current and future Oklahoma workforce needs particularly in STEM
  • Support initiatives that encourage businesses to participate in career pathways or career exploration programs that are specific to the current and future needs of Oklahoma’s economy as it relates to the Governor’s Oklahoma Works Program
  • Support degree and industry endorsed skills certificate programs that will address current and future Oklahoma workforce needs
  • Increase access to industry endorsed skills certificates and degree programs tied to high demand areas of Oklahoma's economy and support incentives for employers providing access to skills certificates for employees
  • Support and expand access to higher education and Career Tech programs through Oklahoma's Promise and maintain its continued funding
  • Work with Oklahoma institutions of higher education, Career Tech and other educational entities to strengthen the state’s workforce pipeline to meet the needs of current and future jobs in identified high-need industries by aligning their courses and curricula with industryidentified needs and skills
  • Support alignment of the pre-K-20 education system and beyond in Oklahoma

Workforce Development Committee

Staff: Jennifer Lepard       Chair: Kelly Kitt          Vice Chair: Stephanie Cameron
Purpose: To promote policy designed to more effectively provide the business community with a high quality and skilled workforce.