Warmington: Government mandates on businesses poorly conceived

In the last month, federal courts have put a hold on three of President Biden’s vaccine mandates. This is a win for Oklahoma and other states. Read More >>

The State Chamber recognizes three legislators at Public Affairs Forum

Sen. Brent Howard and Reps. Kyle Hilbert and Gerrid Kendrix receive Guardians of Free Enterprise and Rising Star awards at The State Chamber Public Affairs Forum. The State Chamber’s Public Affairs Forum is the first event in the state leading up to legislative session where Oklahoma's legislative leaders give a preview of their upcoming priorities and discuss the pressing issues facing business in the coming year. The State Chamber also unveiled its 2022 Legislative Agenda at the event. Read More >>

The State Chamber warns recently filed legislation, SB 1106, would harm Oklahoma companies

Senate Bill 1106 is part of a troubling trend from politicians who claim when asking for your vote that they believe in limited government and freedom, but when they get in office they start heaping overreaching government regulations on small business owners. Read More >>

The State Chamber signs letter to Congress opposing federal Reconciliation bill

The State Chamber, along with numerous local Chambers across the state, joined a chorus of national organizations opposing the federal Reconciliation bill that passed in the U.S. house this morning. Read More >>

The State Chamber applauds Governor Stitt for denouncing mandates

Currently, businesses have the flexibility to choose the best course of action toward the mitigation of COVID -19, to include vaccinations, as well as testing and waivers (including religious, medical and natural immunity). Read More >>

Warmington: People and products, the foundation of Oklahoma's manufacturing industry

Tires, copiers, plastics, steel tubing and cosmetics are just a few of the products The State Chamber member companies such as Goodyear Tires, Stanley Systems, Georg Fisher Plastics and Webco Steel Tubing, and Cosmetic Specialty Labs fabricate right here in Oklahoma. Read More >>

The State Chamber opposes the proposed budget reconciliation provision from the U.S. Treasury

The State Chamber joins the chorus of opposition to the proposed budget reconciliation provision that would require banks to report private customer account information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). “The State Chamber will oppose any effort by the federal government to interject itself into the financial records of business and will be voicing its concern to the congressional delegation." Read More >>

Warmington: The engine driving Oklahoma's economy

The unique challenges we face today could cause us to forget we are living in one of the most productive times in history, where jobs and opportunities abound for the Oklahomans willing to put time and effort into their chosen field of work. Read More >>

The State Chamber opposes vaccine mandate announced by the White House

The State Chamber has consistently opposed mandates on businesses during this pandemic - ranging from essential business designations to masks and now regarding vaccination. Read More >>

The State Chamber Announces Newly Formed Council of Advisors

The State Chamber has unveiled its newly formed Council of Advisors to sit at the top of the organization’s policy development process. The select, invite-only Council will establish The State Chamber’s annual agenda that will focus on making Oklahoma the best place to live, work and grow a business. Read More >>