The State Chamber opposes the proposed budget reconciliation provision from the U.S. Treasury

The State Chamber joins the chorus of opposition to the proposed budget reconciliation provision that would require banks to report private customer account information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). “The State Chamber will oppose any effort by the federal government to interject itself into the financial records of business and will be voicing its concern to the congressional delegation." Read More >>

Warmington: The engine driving Oklahoma's economy

The unique challenges we face today could cause us to forget we are living in one of the most productive times in history, where jobs and opportunities abound for the Oklahomans willing to put time and effort into their chosen field of work. Read More >>

The State Chamber opposes vaccine mandate announced by the White House

The State Chamber has consistently opposed mandates on businesses during this pandemic - ranging from essential business designations to masks and now regarding vaccination. Read More >>

The State Chamber Announces Newly Formed Council of Advisors

The State Chamber has unveiled its newly formed Council of Advisors to sit at the top of the organization’s policy development process. The select, invite-only Council will establish The State Chamber’s annual agenda that will focus on making Oklahoma the best place to live, work and grow a business. Read More >>

Lepak: Enhanced jobless benefits make no sense now

Extended federal unemployment benefits enacted at the peak of the pandemic were meant to deal with the real consequences of government forcing businesses to close. Once the economy reopened and vaccines became widely available, payment of these extra benefits made little sense. Read More >>

Warmington: Advisory council will affect state's economic future

The hardest part about improving is the change required in between. Change is something we’ve experienced quite a bit here lately at The State Chamber. The biggest one being a reshaping of the process for setting our policy and legislative agenda moving forward. The centerpiece of this robust process is our new Council of Advisors, a select group of business leaders who will drive an improved and focused, data-driven policymaking process. Read More >>

Warmington: As pandemic wanes, workforce, child care remain issues

The COVID-19 vaccine has been developed and distributed, leaving us inches away from the end of the pandemic. Just two things stand in the way of returning us to the way we were – workforce and child care. Read More >>

State Chamber Celebrates Passage of Legislative Priorities

As the legislative session effectively came to an end, The State Chamber thanked elected officials for improving the business climate in Oklahoma. Read More >>

State Chamber Calls Workforce Shortage Biggest Threat to Economic Recovery

The first step in solving Oklahoma’s dire workforce shortage was taken today when Gov. Kevin Stitt announced Oklahoma would no longer participate in supplemental federal unemployment benefits programs. Read More >>

State Chamber Applauds Budget Agreement and Tax Cut to Further Economic Recovery

The State Chamber and its members applaud a state budget agreement which will further Oklahoma's economic recovery. Read More >>