Peck: Change is the only constant

Peck: Change is the only constant

It's a pithy cliche you likely hear frequently, especially when someone wants to provide comfort during uncomfortable times. And if there is one thing business people have learned in 2020, it's to make plans for multiple situations and remain agile. Those are the keys to surviving and thriving.

However, it's also vital to remember the things that don't shift, such as the State Chamber of Oklahoma's commitment to creating a positive business environment.

The State Chamber has seen incredible change during its history as the guardian of Oklahoma business. And despite new ways of working, new threats and new opportunities, our North Star remains the same. 

We protect companies from needless lawsuits, support business-friendly candidates and legislation at all levels, work with regulators to ensure rules are applied justly and rationally, and when necessary go in front of judicial bodies to argue in favor of our members.

State Chamber leaders have the experience to take on these tasks - in good times and in bad. Members have multiple ways to convey their concerns, and we amplify their voices to elected officials and other key policymakers.

This has been critical during the COVID-19 pandemic, when aid to help businesses survive needed to be shaped and targeted correctly to do the most good with the least waste. And we will keep fighting in perpetuity.

What will things look like when the pandemic has passed? It's hard to say. More telecommuting seems likely, which could have ripple effects for employment law, commercial real estate and other sectors. Surely, the new world will require new legislation and regulation to account for new ways of working.

Of course, any change presents challenges in a divided and deeply partisan environment. The State Chamber takes great pride in bringing people together to find solutions to benefit all participants. We aren't about finding an advantage for any political party - we are about collaborating to benefit all businesses, which brings good things to the state economy and, importantly, to workers.

And the State Chamber staying in that role is one thing you can always count on.

Kristin Peck is the vice president of public affairs at Cox Communications and chairman of the board of directors of the State Chamber of Oklahoma, the state's leading advocate for business since 1926.

Note: This article was first published in The Journal Record on October 9, 2020.