State Chamber Announces 2021 Legislative Priorities

State Chamber Announces 2021 Legislative Priorities

During the 2021 legislative session, the State Chamber of Oklahoma will focus its efforts on structural changes to modernize government and move the state forward.

"The people of Oklahoma deserve an efficient, transparent government working in their best interests," State Chamber President and CEO Chad Warmington said. "These reforms, which align with the State Chamber's OK2030 initiative, will benefit businesses and the state economy as a whole."

The State Chamber's legislative priorities include:

  • Modernizing the state's unemployment insurance system using lessons learned during the pandemic, and indexing benefits to economic conditions
  • Restructuring the civil service system to focus on recruiting top talent and rewarding employee performance
  • Encouraging choice and accountability in education to strengthen the workforce pipeline
  • Creating transparency in the judicial system
  • Delivering reforms establishing robust care coordination through public-private partnerships that will improve health outcomes for Oklahomans on Medicaid and provide the state with budget predictability
  • Strengthen the state question process

"The people of Oklahoma have proved time and time again that they have the drive and ingenuity to thrive when government doesn't hold them back," Warmington said. "These legislative changes will put prosperity and success within reach of more Oklahomans than ever before."

Visit to view the State Chamber's legislative agenda for 2021.