State Chamber Commends Efforts to Enhance State Governance

State Chamber Commends Efforts to Enhance State Governance

Bills introduced by Rep. Lepak support more effective and impactful government

Representative Mark Lepak (R-Claremore) today announced he has filed four measures aimed at enhancing government efficiency and accountability.

Several items in this proposed legislation align with key policy recommendations in the OK2030 strategic vision plan developed by the State Chamber Research Foundation. Shared goals include empowering the Governor’s office to most effectively lead our state by running the Governor and Lieutenant Governor on a joint ticket and granting the Governor direct appointing authority over state agency directors.

“The ‘weak governor’ model in Oklahoma constrains leadership and almost eliminates the ability to deliver satisfactory results within the state’s bureaucracy, said Rep. Lepak. “We need a ‘strong governor’ model, where the governor is a true CEO and can provide leadership, oversight and accountability so that we can ultimately get control of, and drive better results in, agencies.” 

“These reforms are long-overdue for our state,” said President & CEO Fred Morgan. “Some of the struggle to move Oklahoma forward stems from the relatively and inherently weak powers of Oklahoma’s governor, relative to other states. We are pleased to see Rep. Lepak pushing for these policy changes that will both increase government accountability and ensure that our state’s highest-ranking official is adequately supported in his or her leadership role. 

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