State Chamber Endorses Public School Open Transfer Bills

State Chamber Endorses Public School Open Transfer Bills

The State Chamber commends Rep. Jon Echols and Sen. Adam Pugh for filing bills to permit open transfer in public schools. This is exactly the type of forward-thinking Oklahoma needs to deliver the best education to all Oklahoma children, regardless of their ZIP code.

House Bill 2673 and Senate Bill 783 would provide transfer opportunities for students in public schools not meeting their needs, regardless of where the student is zoned. State funding would follow the student to the public school they attend, not the school they are zoned to.

"For too long, Oklahoma has ZIP codes to determine the public school a child attends, regardless of what parents think is best for their family," said Chad Warmington, president and CEO of the State Chamber. "Cumbersome transfer rules can prevent a student from attending a better option. It is time to free students from this bureaucratic trap."

"Allowing open transfers in public schools will incentivize schools and districts to provide the best possible education, create a skilled workforce primed for the future and allow parents the options they desperately need during situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic," Warmington said. "We look forward to working with Rep. Echols, Sen. Pugh and the rest of the Legislature to make quality public education more accessible to all children and families."


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