State Chamber of Oklahoma President Releases Statement Following State of the State Address

State Chamber of Oklahoma President Releases Statement Following State of the State Address

Oklahoma City (February 4, 2019) – State Chamber of Oklahoma President and CEO Fred Morgan released the following statement after Governor Stitt’s State of the State address:

“In his State of the State speech, Governor Stitt touched on many reforms that have been long sought by the State Chamber of Oklahoma and its partners. We’re excited to work alongside an administration with such a clear vision for advancing our state’s future through greater accountability, increased transparency and much-needed reforms.

We are greatly encouraged by the Governor’s emphasis on reforming the board and commission appointment process. We cannot wait for the next crisis to happen; direct appointments are needed to increase responsibility and efficiency for our state.

Likewise, investment in Oklahoma is desperately needed to achieve the goal of becoming a “top 10 state.” The Governor’s commitment to providing additional funds for the Quick Action Closing Fund will provide endless possibilities for attracting new businesses and jobs to Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s future workforce hinges on a high-performing education system. We stand with the Governor in calling for reforms to improve Oklahoma classrooms, strengthen our state’s teacher pipeline and enhance education outcomes.

While we look forward to working with House and Senate leadership, as well as the new administration on additional reforms for state government, we must not forget to protect the reforms of the past. Oklahoma has made substantial strides in workers’ compensation and tort reforms. These historic reforms have allowed our state to strengthen its business competitiveness.

Our state is hungry for change and in need of reform. Now is the time to fix the problems of the past and set a better course for the future as we seek to make Oklahoma’s turnaround possible.”