State Chamber of Oklahoma Releases OK2030 Plan

State Chamber of Oklahoma Releases OK2030 Plan

Oklahoma City, OK (December 12, 2017) – The State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation released the OK2030 plan today at the State Chamber’s annual Public Affairs Forum. This long-term strategic vision project to dramatically improve our state’s rankings and prospects is the culmination of a yearlong effort to gather ideas and input from across the state.

In developing this OK2030 plan, the State Chamber surveyed thousands of Oklahoma business leaders and received input from hundreds of citizens via and six regional forums. They also conducted nearly 150 in-depth interviews with Oklahoma business, community and government leaders to determine what Oklahoma is doing right – and what we can do better.

“One aspect that continually surprised me was the similarity in the priorities and concerns from across the state,” said State Chamber Research Foundation Executive Director, Dr. Jennifer Lepard. “Before the forums, I thought that problems in the six regions of the state would look different, when in reality, they are very similar. The people of the state know what needs to be done, and are more unified than what our politics might suggest. The State Chamber stands ready to fight to see these important changes implemented.”

Out of 450 ideas submitted through OK2030, the Steering Committee landed on 35 big ideas to dramatically improve Oklahoma’s future. The result is a plan centered on four foundational components that provide a framework for moving our state forward. These foundations represent areas that desperately need long-term vision and planning: business climate and competitiveness, workforce and talent development, fiscal stability and quality of life.

“Now that the plan is finalized, the State Chamber’s advocacy efforts will begin,” said CEO and President, Fred Morgan. “We plan on championing these efforts and working to ensure that our state becomes competitive in every facet. There is no space for complacency in this plan—we must work to move Oklahoma forward.”

In our OK2030 plan, the State Chamber recommends bold policy changes and stands ready to work with our elected, business and community leaders throughout our state to effect these changes, beginning today. To view the complete plan and track progress, visit

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