State Chamber Research Foundation Announces OK2030 State Scorecard

State Chamber Research Foundation Announces OK2030 State Scorecard

Oklahoma City (June 26, 2018) – Announced at the State Chamber’s Annual Meeting last week, the State Chamber Research Foundation launched its State Scorecard to track Oklahoma’s progress on key national rankings. The scorecard, available on, brings accountability to the OK2030 vision plan, which seeks to improve Oklahoma’s national rankings now and through the year 2030.

“The goal of OK2030 has always been to improve Oklahoma’s key national rankings,” said State Chamber Research Foundation Executive Director, Dr. Jennifer Lepard. “This year’s state scorecard serves as a baseline showing our current national rankings. We will release a new scorecard every year and see how far our state has advanced on key metrics—and if our state hasn’t progressed, we’ll be able to assess what needs to be refigured to achieve success. We are confident that through education and transparency, Oklahoma citizens will remain active and engaged in this plan to move the state forward.”

To view the state scorecard, click here

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