The State Chamber warns recently filed legislation, SB 1106, would harm Oklahoma companies

The State Chamber warns recently filed legislation, SB 1106, would harm Oklahoma companies

"Senate Bill 1106 is part of a troubling trend from politicians who claim when asking for your vote that they believe in limited government and freedom, but when they get in office they start heaping overreaching government regulations on small business owners. Let's be clear, SB 1106 and others like it are a direct assault on the ability of Oklahoma small business owners to make a living for themselves and the countless Oklahomans they employ-not by Joe Biden's administration but our own state government. 

The legislation is a gross overreach, infringing on the liberties of the men and women who built their own business through hard work and grit. Worse, bills like this distract from the real fight, which is stopping unconstitutional federal mandates from an anti-free enterprise President who apparently thinks he can rule by fiat like a king. 

Senate Bill 1106 does nothing to stop the federal overreach, it just hurts Oklahoma companies who are doing their best to navigae a difficult situation and gives lawyers a bonanza of new lawsuits to bleed businesses dry. 

Oklahomans shouldn't be deceived by politicians looking to pull the wool over their eyes with counterproductive bills that make cheap talking points but make no substantive progress toward the goal of getting the government off of peoples' backs. 

That's why we are fighting to ensure that SB 1106 and its ilk will stay where they belong-in press releases, not in law. We urge legislators not to be distracted by this type of legislation that fires into the backs of their allies and join us in the fight against those who actually threaten free enterprise and individual liberty for employees and employers alike. "

-Chad Warmington