When Government Is Good

The entrenched bureaucracy of a government can slow processes down and diminish efficiencies. There has long been a push to have government emulate private sector business practices to increase productivity, innovation and return on investment. The business community supports and applauds these efforts. Certain sectors of government are becoming more efficient, and we must expand these initiatives to save taxpayer dollars. Read More >>

State Chamber of Oklahoma Comments on 2017 Legislative Session

“While we understand the difficulty this session presented, the budget process in the Legislature this year has been extremely frustrating. Like many Oklahomans, the business community has been disappointed by the political gamesmanship and dysfunctional approach to the formulation of the budget.  Read More >>

State Chamber Comments on Passage of House Bill 1570

​​​​​​​“House Bill 1570, by Representative Jonathan Echols and Senator David Holt, will make Oklahoma the first state to modernize our lawsuit discovery rules in a manner similar to what was accomplished by the federal courts.  Read More >>

State Chamber of Oklahoma Comments on Passage of Senate Bill 867

“The State Chamber is pleased with the passage of the Oklahoma Energy Jobs Act. This legislation will keep our state growing and allow all oil and natural gas producers to use the most modern technology in their drilling practices."  Read More >>

Expanding opportunity

When you think of Oklahoma, many people think of oil and natural gas. And with good reason – Oklahoma is a product of the oil boom and titans of the industry call our state home. Read More >>

OEWI Executive Director Comments on Passage of A-F School Accountability System

Today Gov. Mary Fallin signed House Bill 1693 into law, which reforms Oklahoma’s A-F school accountability system. Jennifer Monies, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Educated Workforce Initiative, served on the State Department of Education’s Oklahoma Assessment and Accountability Task Force that studied and considered changes to both the state assessments and accountability system last fall. Read More >>

Clearing the air on cigarette tax

The headlines from this legislative session are hard to miss. Oklahoma is facing another budget shortfall – $878 million to be exact. While ideas are being floated on how to remedy this problem, we are faced with a stark reality: Our state can’t continue to operate without money. Read More >>

State Chamber of Oklahoma Signs Letter of Support for Lankford Bill

The State Chamber of Oklahoma has signed a letter of support for Senate Bill 584, or the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvements Act. The letter, created by the National Association of Manufacturers, details the costly regulatory burdens small businesses face each year. Read More >>

State Chamber of Oklahoma Welcomes Emily Shipley to Staff


State Chamber of Oklahoma Announces New Board Members


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