Anti-business PRO Act must be stopped

The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is like a horror movie where the bad guy doesn't get stopped at the end. It sets out to radically transform labor relations as we know them by ushering in the most anti-business and anti-worker changes to labor law in our lifetimes. Read More >>

Standing up for students

Open transfers and the companion real-time funding mechanism, top priorities for The State Chamber, cleared the final hurdles in the House and Senate this week, and the governor signed both into law hours later. Read More >>

Reform Everyone Can Agree On

The State Chamber is proud to support Senate Bills 155 and 957 by Sen. Brent Howard, which will bring greater transparency to the judiciary. Read More >>

Pugh, Echols: Let families choose the right public schools

Too many kids in Oklahoma have exactly one viable option for school: the school they are zoned to based on where they live. We hope to change that during this year's legislative session by strengthening the open transfer system. Read More >>

Warmington: Open enrollment in public schools gives parents options

If the pandemic has taught us anything about public education, it's that parents and students need more options. In the coming legislative session, Oklahoma has an opportunity to change its one-size-fits-all approach by embracing open enrollment in public schools. Read More >>

Warmington: Increasing the power of policy research

Ben Lepak has accepted the position of executive director of the State Chamber Research Foundation. Ben will help the State Chamber find, develop and implement solutions to benefit business in Oklahoma, which ultimately serves all our citizens' needs. Read More >>

Lepak: A road map to success

The State Chamber Research Foundation in 2018 launched a strategic plan called OK2030. Th goal was simple, but not easy: to identify the public policies that would catapult Oklahoma from the bottom of the rankings to the top by 2030. Read More >>

Peck: Change is the only constant

The State Chamber has seen incredible change during its history as the guardian of Oklahoma business. And despite new ways of working, new threats and new opportunities, our North Star remains the same. Read More >>

Warmington: Whose endorsement matters?

When you are deciding who to support, think about whether the candidate is backed by the people who know Oklahoma and work to make it a friendly business environment every day. Read More >>

Warmington: COVID-19 relief must focus on long-term

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, Oklahoma businesses struggle to operate safely while keeping doors open. The actions Congress takes should provide short-term assistance without causing long-term damage. Read More >>