What you need to know about the Unity Bill

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act (the Unity Bill) goes into effect on Aug. 30. Read More >>

Oklahoma named a "Judicial Hellhole"

That’s painful to read, but the truth sometimes hurts. Read More >>

Change Direction on Merit Protection

It's time to change direction on merit protection. Read More >>

Session Reflections

The 2019 session was a big step forward for Oklahoma. Read More >>

Bridging the Gap

Oklahoma is making great strides in reducing the number of structurally deficient bridges, but we need to keep investing in infrastructure and protect CIRB funding. Read More >>

Bills would raise prescription drug prices

There are two bills working their way through the Legislature that would negatively impact the business community’s ability to contain spiraling health care costs and still offer affordable coverage to their employees and families. House Bill 2632 and Senate Bill 841, which have already sailed through their respective legislative bodies, would increase Oklahomans’ prescription drug costs and limit the tools available to business to contain costs. Read More >>

The Next Step in Government Reform

Direct appointment authority is important, but without the power to scrutinize and measure the effectiveness of the programs, the legislative and executive branches of government are essentially flying blind. Read More >>

Time to modernize the judicial selection process

Judicial district maps were drawn in 1967, but considerable shifts in population since then mean it's time to reexamine the process to ensure the best qualified candidates. Read More >>

Keep workers' compensation working for Oklahoma

Since the 2013 reforms to the workers’ compensation system, Oklahoma businesses have saved close to $330 million. Where we previously had the sixth-highest cost of insurance premiums in the entire United States, we are now ranked at 24th. But these successful reforms are now at risk. Read More >>

New Governor, New Goals

With a new year comes not only a new legislative session, but in the case of 2019, a new governor. As we welcome Kevin Stitt to his new role, the business community looks forward to working hand-in-hand with the new administration to pass vital reforms to ensure our state’s longevity. Read More >>