Looking back, moving forward

For more than a decade, it’s been my privilege to lead the State Chamber of Oklahoma and the dedicated, talented staff as we represented Oklahoma’s business community. Read More >>

All eyes on 2020

This can be the year that we witness truly transformational change in Oklahoma. Rest assured, Oklahoma’s business community is ready to lead the charge to move Oklahoma forward. Read More >>

‘Tis the Season

There’s a lot for the business community to be thankful for this year. And, there’s plenty of optimism for the year to come. Read More >>

A solution in search of a problem

There are plenty of issues we need to fix in Oklahoma: health care, education, workforce development, government, taxation, etc. But simply put, history shows that Oklahoma’s legislative redistricting process isn’t one of them. Read More >>

Just in time for Halloween

A recent survey conducted by the State Chamber Research Foundation for the OK2030 plan revealed some frightening results keeping business leaders up at night: the lack of access to a well-skilled workforce and the status of our state’s public education system. Read More >>

The lesson behind the Nordic model

The lesson is clear: Cutting taxes and burdensome regulations on job creators will transform economies. Read More >>

What you need to know about the Unity Bill

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act (the Unity Bill) goes into effect on Aug. 30. Read More >>

Oklahoma named a "Judicial Hellhole"

That’s painful to read, but the truth sometimes hurts. Read More >>

Change Direction on Merit Protection

It's time to change direction on merit protection. Read More >>

Session Reflections

The 2019 session was a big step forward for Oklahoma. Read More >>