State Chamber of Oklahoma CEO Comments on SB 1086

The State Chamber of Oklahoma President and CEO, Fred Morgan, released the following statement concerning SB 108. Read More >>

Smart reforms to unshackle Oklahoma


Without Reform, It’s the Same Story

Government reforms are key to Oklahoma not repeating the same problems, year after year. Read More >>

Manufacturing: Keeping Oklahoma in the game

Just as scholarships are a powerful recruitment tool for universities, the manufacturing sales tax exemption is a recruitment tool for attracting jobs and investment. Read More >>

An agenda for economic growth

Last year was marked by divisiveness and lack of progress on a number of key issues affecting our state. For too long, Oklahoma has been at an impasse, paralyzed by hyper-partisan rhetoric and in-fighting. Read More >>

State Chamber of Oklahoma Releases OK2030 Plan

The State Chamber of Oklahoma Research Foundation today released the OK2030 strategic vision plan to dramatically improve our state’s rankings and prospects. Read More >>

OK2030: A Plan for Oklahoma’s Future

If Oklahoma wants to be competitive economically, we must raise our collective expectations. The newly released OK2030 plan contains 35 key policy recommendations for building a thriving state. Read More >>

Prepping the Workforce, Part II

In Oklahoma, we are fortunate to have the backing of our state’s public universities in the quest for national recognition and development of a competitive workforce. Read More >>

Preparing the 21st century workforce

One of the principal reasons for public education is to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to build a successful career. Closer dialogue between business and education is needed to help students develop the skills needed. Read More >>

A 21st-century tax system – Part II

Our basic tax code, despite numerous amendments and revisions, was established almost 100 years ago. The world has dramatically changed since our code was enacted.  Read More >>