Building a 21st-century government – Part I

It is abundantly clear that both business and government leaders believe it’s time for a serious discussion about fundamental changes to our governmental structures to better meet the needs of the 21st century.  Read More >>

When Government Is Good

The entrenched bureaucracy of a government can slow processes down and diminish efficiencies. There has long been a push to have government emulate private sector business practices to increase productivity, innovation and return on investment. The business community supports and applauds these efforts. Certain sectors of government are becoming more efficient, and we must expand these initiatives to save taxpayer dollars. Read More >>

Clearing the air on cigarette tax

The headlines from this legislative session are hard to miss. Oklahoma is facing another budget shortfall – $878 million to be exact. While ideas are being floated on how to remedy this problem, we are faced with a stark reality: Our state can’t continue to operate without money. Read More >>

Expanding opportunity

When you think of Oklahoma, many people think of oil and natural gas. And with good reason – Oklahoma is a product of the oil boom and titans of the industry call our state home. Read More >>

Morgan: Taking on a thankless job (The Journal Record Monthly Column - December 2013)


Morgan: Bans will hurt state

Fred Morgan is president and CEO of the State Chamber of Oklahoma. Read More >>

Morgan: The Role of the Lobbyist (The Journal Record Monthly Column - December 2014)

Fred Morgan is president and CEO of The State Chamber of Oklahoma. Read More >>

Agency review committee necessary

Column by Fred Morgan, President and CEO of the State Chamber of Oklahoma, printed in Read More >>

Oklahoma Hospitals Must Have New Sources of Revenue

This column was printed in the Tulsa World March 26, 2016 Read More >>

State Chamber official: Oklahoma needs fair, impartial judiciary

Seney is vice president of policy analysis and strategic planning at The State Chamber. Read More >>