human resources and labor law


Ensure Oklahoma employers are competing on a level playing field with other states when it comes to the laws and regulations they have to comply with, particularly in the area of employment law.  

2020 Legislative Initiatives


  • Support efforts to reform Oklahoma’s unemployment benefits system
  • Support stronger regulations that require unemployed individuals to actively be looking for work in order to collect unemployment compensation benefits
  • Support statutory penalties for unemployment compensation fraud that parallel those for workers’ compensation fraud 


Paid Leave

  • Oppose all efforts to force businesses to provide paid leave above what is currently required by federal law
  • Oppose efforts to divert unemployment compensation trust money to pay for family medical leave


Wage & Hour Law

  • Oppose all statutory mandates, either state or federal, as they relate to employer/employee relationships
  • Oppose efforts to lower the small business exemption from 50 to 25 or fewer employees
  • Support the “mirroring” of federal law on wage and hour laws
  • Support allowing employers the option of granting compensatory time in lieu of payment for overtime
  • Oppose any attempt to limit the definitions of “exempt employee” or otherwise expand employee eligibility for overtime
  • Support efforts to allow an employer to pay overtime only when a 40-hour weekly work schedule is exceeded
  • Oppose any federal or state legislative or regulatory measures that will interfere with an employer’s and employee’s freedom to contract, including efforts to pass the Arbitration Fairness Act


Medical Marijuana

  • Support business protections and property owners’ rights regarding medical marijuana



  • Support business and property owners’ rights to regulate the possession of weapons on their property



Medical Marijuana and the 2019 Legislative Session Issue Brief
Medical Marijuana Fact Sheet (2018)
Issue Brief: Right To Work (2017)
2016 Accountability for a Competitive Economy (ACE) Book



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Kinsey Westwood

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Stephanie Phipps
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