workers' compensation


To build a strong, impartial workers' compensation system that protects the truly injured worker while ensuring the lowest possible cost to the employer. 

2021 Policy Positions

  • Work to enhance and protect the 2013 reforms to the Workers’ Compensation system enacted by Senate Bill 1062
  • Secure appropriate funding to implement the reforms of Senate Bill 1062
  • Ensure workers’ compensation generated funds are used solely within the Workers’ Compensation system
  • Support revisions to workers’ compensation medical fee schedule which will control medical costs while ensuring access to quality medical care for injured workers
  • Support mandatory use of Official Disability Guidelines for treatment of injured workers
  • Continue to defend legal attacks against 85A
  • Support a solution to make specific intent the operative test in deciding whether an employer’s conduct was intentional when determining if an employee can recover damages from an employer resulting from workplace injuries in civil court and outside the scheme of the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Oppose changes to the current statutory requirements qualifying an employee’s mental injury or illness as compensable
  • Evaluate and determine the impact of Whipple v. Phillips and Sons Trucking and make determinations with regards to future handling, including the impact on premiums as estimated by the National Council on Compensation Insurance


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Staff Contact:
Kinsey Westwood, Vice President of Government Affairs

Kinsey Westwood

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Committee Chair:
Don Bullard
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