workers' compensation


To build a strong, impartial workers' compensation system that protects the truly injured worker while ensuring the lowest possible cost to the employer. 

2019 Legislative Initiatives

  • Work to enhance and protect the 2013 reforms to the Workers’ Compensation system enacted by Senate Bill 1062

  • Support reforms to reduce the liability and improve the efficiency of the Multiple Injury Trust Fund

  • Secure appropriate funding to implement the reforms of Senate Bill 1062

  • Ensure workers’ compensation generated funds are used solely within the Workers’ Compensation system

  • Support revisions to workers’ compensation medical fee schedule which will control medical costs while ensuring access to quality medical care for injured workers

  • Support mandatory use of Official Disability Guidelines for treatment of injured workers

  • Continue to defend legal attacks against 85A

  • Support Workers’ Compensation legislation addressing coverage of medical marijuana as a reimbursable expense


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Staff Contact:
Kinsey Westwood

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Committee Chair:
Drew Harding
Associate General Counsel
Unit Corporation