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Our Member Spotlight program provides you, as a State Chamber member, with an opportunity to increase your visibility and grow your business by sharing success stories and marketing your products and services to the most distinguished business leaders throughout the state of Oklahoma and beyond. The Member Spotlight Program offers the following benefits:

  • Prominent display of your company’s logo on the State Chamber homepage for at least two weeks
  • Inclusion of your company’s logo and a brief description (up to 250 words) in at least two CEO Briefings (weekly State Chamber e-newsletter)
  • A write-up showcasing your company (up to 250 words) and full-color logo on our Member Spotlight webpage for a two-week period

Cost is $600 (includes a $100 set-up fee) in addition to your investment.

Contact Emily Duren, Director of Member Relations via email at or by phone at 405-272-4428 with questions.

Disclaimer: Participation in the member spotlight on the State Chamber’s website is not an endorsement of your company, its products or services offered. The State Chamber Member Spotlight program is an opportunity for State Chamber members to advertise their services to other State Chamber members and shall not be used for political statements or for promoting statements contrary to the policies of the State Chamber. The State Chamber reserves the right to refuse promotion of products or services contrary to the goals and policies set forth by our board of directors.

Member Spotlight

Launched in 2018, Stability Cannabis is now Oklahoma’s largest indoor cannabis cultivator, as well as the operator of one of the largest dispensaries statewide. Stability has been named Oklahoma’s Top Workplace by The Oklahoman, Innovator of the Year by The Journal Record, and racked up three Cannabis Cup wins in 2019 for their high-quality cannabis. Their proprietary cultivation methods result in perpetual harvests every 10 days, year-round.

Centrally located in Oklahoma City, Stability has become the leader in demystifying cannabis to Oklahoma’s business and political leaders and regularly hosts educational tours. Learn more at

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