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The State Chamber warns recently filed legislation, SB 1106, would harm Oklahoma companies

Nov 22, 2021

Senate Bill 1106 is part of a troubling trend from politicians who claim when asking for your vote that they believe in limited government and freedom, but when they get in office they start heaping overreaching government regulations on small business owners. Read More >>

The State Chamber signs letter to Congress opposing federal Reconciliation bill

Nov 19, 2021

The State Chamber, along with numerous local Chambers across the state, joined a chorus of national organizations opposing the federal Reconciliation bill that passed in the U.S. house this morning. Read More >>

The State Chamber applauds Governor Stitt for denouncing mandates

Oct 14, 2021

Currently, businesses have the flexibility to choose the best course of action toward the mitigation of COVID -19, to include vaccinations, as well as testing and waivers (including religious, medical and natural immunity). Read More >>

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