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Workers Compensation

... PurposeTo build a strong, impartial workers' compensation system that protects the truly injured worker while ensuring the lowest possible cost to the employer. 2020 Legislative InitiativesWork to enhance and protect the 2013 reforms to the Workers’ Compensatio...

Great hope in future of workers compensation reform in Oklahoma

SQ 788 means more risks, fewer rights for employers

Keep workers' compensation working for Oklahoma

Since the 2013 reforms to the workerscompensation system, Oklahoma businesses have saved close to $330 million. Where we previously had the sixth-highest cost of insurance premiums in the entire United States, we are now ranked at 24th. But these successful reforms are now at risk.

State Chamber of Oklahoma comments on lower workers’ compensation premiums for Oklahoma employers

After the Oklahoma Insurance Department announced lower workerscompensation premiums for Oklahoma employers, Fred Morgan, president and CEO of the State Chamber of Oklahoma, released the following statement.