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Legislative Action Center

CEO Briefing

In This Issue:

  • Candidates File for State Office
  • Committee Work Ends for Legislature
  • Oklahoma's 2-Minute Business Watch Video
  • Governor Signs Aerospace Engineering Tax Credit
  • State Chamber Continues to Ask for Support of Oil & Gas Industry
  • Tax Freedom Day is April 21st
  • State Chamber Board Member on Radio Show
  • Plan to attend the Annual Lt. Governor's Small Business Day at the Capitol
  • Oklahoma Retail Day at the Capitol

Reports and Publications

Retail Minded Magazine - Spring 2014 Issue

Retail Minded Magazine Cover PhotoClick picture for spring issue - password is SUNSHINE (all caps)

Retail Minded is a quarterly publication that is dedicated to delivering news, education and support, we hope you enjoy the current issue of Retail Minded Magazine. Designed uniquely for independent retailers and other small business owners, Retail Minded provides expert insight from retail experts, industry leaders and experienced merchants in an effort to help small businesses from all sectors of retail (both service and product based) reach their goals.


2014 ACE Book

2014 ACE Book Cover Photo










The State Chamber Research Foundation publishes the Accountability For A Competitive Economy (ACE) book each year to keep you informed as to where Oklahoma ranks nationally.

Click picture for full .pdf OR click here for an interactive digital version

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